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    Our History
    With the support of the government and shareholders, Suneetek medical was official established in 11st, June, 2014.
    Class 100,000 clean room and class 10,000-level laboratory was completed and certified in 26th, Mar, 2015.
    鈥淪uneetek鈥?trademark registered at State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 14th, Dec, 2015.
    Wound dressing for NPWT registered and tested in 4th, Feb, 2016.
    Disposable NPWT device registered and tested in 10th, May, 2017.
    Suction for dressing obtain patent in Taiwan in 21st, June, 2017.
    Our Factory
    Factory has 100,000 class clean workshop and 10,000 class laboratory built according to GMP standard. The introduced advanced production and test equipment are compliance with the laws and regulations, ISO13485 medical equipment quality management system.
    Our Product
    NPWT System, NPWT Dressing Kits
    Product Application
    Hospitals, health systems, pharmacies, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories and physician offices
    Chronic wounds; acute wounds; traumatic wounds; cortical burns; diabetic ulcers and stress ulcers; flap grafts; surgical closure of the incision site
    Our Certificate
    ISO13485-2016Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System For Hospitals for sale