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    Kaishan MLGF21/8 Ex-Mark Electric Screw Air Compressor for Coal
    Working Pressure:
    Free air transport:
    Motor power:
    These highly efficient compressors have an advanced structure with a high level of precision. This product operates steadily with a low noise level. In addition to such advantages, it also has a long service life with low maintenance costs and oil consumption, as well as high efficiency. Its air capacity control system is also stable and reliable with adjustable loads from 0 to 100. Subject to actual air consumption, the power consumption will be automatically adjusted.
    With good protection from explosion, overloading, short circuits, phase failure, and electric leakage in place, it is built with protective devices that reports over-temperature, clogged air filters, clogged oil filters, and clogged oil cores, as well as shutdowns for over-temperature. In addition, its three levels of protection (namely, capacity adjustment, an air control valve, and a safety valve) prevent operations from facing overpressure. It is safe and reliable to operate. The filter core of oil and air separation is comprised of imported fine glass fiber, enabling the compressed air oil content to remain below 3 ppm.
    The machine may operate safely nearby the tunneling area under a well, and may move forward along a tunnel as it extends. Therefore, the relatively high pressure can be maintained, which enables the pneumatic machine to improve its efficiency by 30% or even 100% as compared with the air supply on the ground. Meanwhile, the electricity consumption drops by 30%, and many pipelines can be reduced. These air compressors may be applicable to engineering tunnel constructionsbuy discount Anti Explosion Screw Compressor