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    Amber typical general-purpose polyimide film
    Amber typical general-purpose polyimide film is widely used in mechanical, electronic lines, which is successfully used under temperature -269℃-400 ℃。Widely used in high temperature tape, class H motor/ traction motor/transformer insulation, magnet wire wrapping,insulation gasket,etc.
    Specification(thickness): 1mil-10mil
    High temperature resistance
    Good tensile strength
    Excellent insulation property
    Flame retarding
    Polyimide silicon tape
    High temperature label
    FCCL stiffener function
    Die cut
    motor/transformer insulation
    Available thickness: 12.5um 25um 50um 75um 100um 125um 175um 200um 230um 250um

    Material use
    Industrial applications: high tenderness printed circuit base material, flat circuit, wire and cable, insulation layer of electromagnetic wire, and insulation for various motor.
    Application: widely used in aerospace, motor, energy saving lamps, audio frequency equipment, test transformer, vehicle, instrument communication and other industrial departments.

    QC Relative
    Before products delivery, QC will tick one roll/ batch to test items as : tensile strength, elongation rate, voltage, thickness, shrinkage rate to ensure product quality.
    low price Amber Polyimide Film